Teke Composites

Here are the annual composite pictures (from 1963 thru 1972) that came out at the end of each school year (Spring quarter). For example, the 1966 composite covers those of us that were Tekes from Fall 1965 thru Spring 1966. 

These pictures are full size, so you can see the names of each Frater. You will need to scroll left and right and up and down.  The color orginals have started to fade, and are getting harder to read. The arrows at the top of the page can scroll to different years.

Click on the year below, and to get back here, click your browser back button.

1963 (Fall 1962 thru Spring 1963)

1964 (Fall 1963 thru Spring 1964)

1965 (Fall 1964 thru Spring 1965)

1966 (Fall 1965 thru Spring 1966)

1967 (Fall 1966 thru Spring 1967)

1968 (Fall 1967 thru Spring 1968)

1969 (Fall 1968 thru Spring 1969)

1970 (Fall 1969 thru Spring 1970)

1971 (Fall 1970 thru Spring 1971)

1972 (Fall 1971 thru Spring 1972)

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