Past Reunions


March 4, 2006, Atlanta:


15 total Fraters:

Bottom row seated, from left to right...Jim Blackmon, Tom Dunlap, Lewis Page, Luke Prescott, Tommy Parham, Tommy Sawyer.

Top row standing, from left to right...Gordon Mills, David Nordness, Jim Macdonald, Frank Wingate, Tommy Hebson, Gary Webb,  Mike Dixon, Sam Wester, Bill Nixon.

August 8, 2005, Atlanta:


8 total Fraters:

Front L-R: Jim Macdonald, Frank Wingate, Tom Dunlap, Brad Pruden

Back L-R: Tom Sawyer, Tom Parham, Danny Bailey, Luke Prescott

February 15, 2005, Atlanta:


10 total Fraters:

Tom Sawyer, Frank Wingate, Tom Dunlap, Brad Pruden, Gordon Mills, Mike Dixon, Luke Prescott, Danny Bailey, Rick English (pledge ‘66), and Bill Nixon

July 1994, Atlanta: 


6 total Fraters:

Gordon MIlls, Brad Pruden, Tom Dunlap, Bruce Sprague, Frank Wingate, and Luke Prescott