2011 BL Teke Reunion


April 9, 2011: at the Teke house in Auburn!

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Fraters and wives (see names below)


Fraters and current BL Fraters kneeling

(kneeling: Carlos Perry, Ben McWilliams, Branden Digan, Mark Rapp, and Tom Houston)

After over forty years, we had our major reunion back at the Teke house, on the Auburn campus!  This was a once in a lifetime event, and everyone had a great time. The only problem was that there was far too little time to really spend much time with our old fraternity brothers. All together, 42 Fraters and 28 wives showed up. 

We are grateful that the current BL Fraters went to a lot of trouble to prepare for our event...and we give thanks to the current Prytanis Carlos Perry.  Special recognition goes to Mark Rapp (the current Histor), who greatly helped coordinate things for a couple of months, and also to Tom Houston, who helped with a lot of the photography.

Activities started the Friday night before, and about thirty folks gathered in the Hotel at Auburn lobby. We split up into about four smaller groups and all walked to Toomer’s Corner and had dinner in one of the local restaurants.

Saturday morning, many of us took a tour of the Auburn campus. Much has changed in the last four decades! Frater Gary Webb, who works for the university, gave us the tour, while Sam Momary drove the tour van. The tour started at the site of the old Teke house...now long gone.

Saturday from 1 pm to 5 pm we all gathered at the Teke house. The first couple of hours we spent reminiscing amongst ourselves and the current BL Fraters. Everyone checked out their old rooms and the rest of the house.  The house itself has been remodeled from what many of us remembered it long ago.

Then we had a “chapter meeting”, and everyone gathered in the dining room / party area. Our most senior Prytanis in attendance, Jim Dunlap, gave an excellent welcoming talk, emphasizing how we all worked hard to build and outfit our new fraternity house in 1966, and how as a chapter we set new standards for float competitions and much more. All of us benefitted by working as a team and developing lifelong attributes because of our Teke heritage.

We gave the local chapter some Teke memorabilia, then presented Benny Bliss of the Board of Advisors a cash donation of over $2,000. Benny gave us an update on the state of the chapter.

Next we had a viewing of the “Teke Movie”, followed by our group pictures in the front of the Teke house.

That night about fifty of us gathered in the fine restaurant at the hotel, and had a fabulous dinner. Many of us stayed in the back dining room reminiscing until midnight.

Sunday we all left to return home...a great weekend, that went by very fast.

We are already planning on another reunion sometime in the next five years, and possibly in Atlanta.....stay tuned!

Here is the Frater and wife attendance list:

Danny and Jill Bailey

David and Sandra Bell

Benny Bliss

Ed Bonieski

Pat and Carol Burkholder

Nick Carbone

Bob and Lisa Creel

Mark and Jennie Dobbins

Tom and Becky Dollman

Jim Dunlap

Tom Dunlap

Jim and Cheryl Dykes (sadly, Jim died four months later)

Dave Edwards

Paul and Pam Ellen

Bill and Nancy Futch

Mike and Ann George

Jody and Susan Haley

Tommy Hardy

Tommy and Pam Harper

Tommy and Donna Hebson

Carl and Debbie Jones

Larry and Shirley Le Croy

John and Emily McGiboney

Gordon and Susan Mills

Sam Momary

Mike Nix

Dave Nordness

Lewis Page

Tommy and Leslie Parham

David Phillips

Marshall Phillips

Luke Prescott

Brad and Donna Pruden

Dave and Katherine Rees

Ovid and Brad (son) Ricketson

Tommy and Gail Sawyer

John Self

Bruce and Ok Su Sprague

Bo and Kat Tucker

Gary and Marcia Webb

Sam and Janice Wester

Pam White (J.C. White’s wife)

Frank and Debi Wingate