2007 BL Teke Reunion


April 14, 2007, Birmingham, AL:

Hello Fraters!

Well, we just had our reunion....it was GREAT to see guys that we had not seen for many decades and catch up!  Many of us looked and sounded just like we did forty years ago!  Others I would have never recognized.  We were really lucky that day that the forecast major thunderstorms never hit, and it was shirt sleeve temperature (unlike the next day, which was freezing).  Even though we were there for almost 8 hours, I feel that I barely had time to get with each old friend.  Tom Dunlap (the excellent master of ceremonies), Sam Wester, Lewis Page, and Pat Burkholder had everything under control.  Pat went the extra mile and provided excellent door prizes for many Fraters and wives.  And last, but not least...John and Emily McGiboney worked their butts off ALL day setting up a fantastic BBQ buffet and providing a great place for us to gather.  We would not have been able to pull this off without John and Emily. Ed Bonieski had a 60th birthday cake with candles and singing, Lewis showed the reunion movie, Jim Blackmon got us to sing the Teke song, many in the know caught everyone up on the past and current status of the BL chapter...and much more. As a bonus, we had George Boyd, BL9...who started the BL chapter about the time most of us were just born. We did manage to also have about 18 Fraters meet at a restaurant for dinner later that night (including Frank and Debi Wingate coming in from Atlanta late that day). That dinner was highlighted by our two doctors (Dr Self and Dr Tucker), getting lost for an hour, while driving to the restaurant ACROSS the street from the Marriott hotel.  They almost ended up in Tuscaloosa, and got pulled over by a cop for speeding. Turns out, they were in a DIFFERENT Marriott hotel ten miles away from the rest of us!  This, and many more laughs were the order of a long happy day.  No doubt, there will be a reunion in the future, hopefully back at the Teke house in Auburn, to continue the tradition!

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Fraters at the April 2007 Reunion (40 total):


Kneeling left to right: 

John McGiboney, Dave Rees

Sitting left to right: 

Luke Prescott, Henry Dyer, Pat Connick, Jim Murray, Jim Dunlap, JC White, Bob Beiswenger, Randy Bergmann

Standing left to right: 

Bo Tucker, Tom Dollman, Jim Macdonald, Tom Hardy, Tommy Parham, Lewis Page, Ed Bonieski, Pat Burkholder, Jim Blackmon, David Nordness, Gordon Mills, Bill Ekiss, Carl Jones, Sam Wester, Tommy Hebson, Danny Bailey, John Self, Bill Nixon, Tom Lotz, John House, Brad Pruden, Gary Webb, Larry LeCroy, Don Morgan, David Mitchell, Tom Dunlap, Benny Bliss, Tommy Sawyer, Bill Beemer, Bruce Sprague

Wives at the April 2007 Reunion (17 total):


Sitting left to right: 

Emily McGiboney, Pam White, Carol Burkholder, Ok Su Sprague, Irene Lotz, Denise Bergmann, Susan Mills, Leslie Parham, Katherine Rees

Standing left to right: 

Barbara Beemer, Shirley LeCroy, Becky Dollman, Debbie Jones, Marcia Webb, Karen Hardy, Gail Sawyer, Donna Pruden