Frater Information

With our new site, I am no longer able to create a password protected webpage to display the Frater biographies. If you (a Frater on our list) would like a copy of the Frater Biographies and/or the current Roster (data base of Frater information), then please send a request to me, and I will send you a link to download them.

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Frater Biographies: this will be a pdf document, showing the select few of you who have sent in their biographic information. I encourage others to send me your information, so that the rest of the Fraters can see what you have been up to since our Auburn Teke days. These biographies have proven to be the most popular item on this web site. When sending your "story", please include your City, State, years at Auburn (ex: 1965 thru 1970), your Beta Lambda scroll number, Date of Initiation and College Major. Include a short sentence of "What did you get out of being a Teke at Auburn", and your biographic information including: what you have been doing since leaving Auburn, including military service, career, family, hobbies, who your big/little brother was, etc. Also, include a current photo of yourself. Request the download from me of the biographies on file, and you can see samples of how others have written theirs. You can write it up anyway you wish, long or short, and can always change anything later if you wish.

Current Roster (Frater information database): this will be a pdf spreadsheet database of the known Frater information: name, address, phone, email, scroll number, and initiation date. Please help me keep this information up-to-date, not only for your own information, but also that of others that you may be keeping in touch with. Most important…please keep your email address current with me, or you will not be getting important blast emails.